Kelby Creek Farm is a 25-acre farm that is part of the pioneer homestead of Eliza Stackpole and family.  This property is located between Duvall and Monroe Washington, overlooking the Snoqualmie River and Mount Pilchuck.  Steams border this property on two sides, hence the “Creek” in Kelby Creek.  Kelby Creek Vizslas has been raising quality Vizslas for more than 40 years! We are “boutique” or “hobby” breeders, having only one to two litters of puppies each year.  This is not our source of income, but rather a recreational passion.   We are AKC Breeders of Merit and our pedigree is excellent, with many Hall of Fame dogs and dual champions (hunting and conformation).  In breeding our bitches, we have sought exceptional dogs, including four National Best in Specialty show dogs.  Our lineage is eight generations going back to 1977 and includes several Vizsla Club of America top producing conformation dams, including the Top Producing Conformation Dam for 2013 (Rosie) and the 2019 Top Producing Conformation Dam (Cleo).  All our breeding bitches have completed their AKC Championship.  We pride ourselves in breeding healthy, social, and beautiful dogs.

We primarily compete with our dogs in the show ring, but many of our puppies have achieved other AKC titles including hunting, agility, tracking, barn hunt, tricks etc.  We have had great success with our dogs in the show ring in recent years.  Billy, besides many other honors, was Best in Show at the Vizsla Club of America Nationals in 2017, and Kelby Creek puppies have won the prestigious award of Best Puppy in the Vizsla Club of America Puppy Sweepstakes four of the last nine years!  Cleo in 2012, Lucca in 2018, Natasha in 2019, and Cheyenne in 2020.  Our dogs have received Best of Breed and Awards of Merit at Vizsla Nationals, AKC Nationals, and many Regional Vizsla Specialties.  We have also introduced many new puppy owners to the fun and excitement of showing their own puppies!

Our puppies are well-socialized, loved and expertly cared for.  They are raised primarily in our kitchen, where they get lots of attention and are exposed to a busy household with plenty of guests.  We also have large, well-fenced outdoor play areas.  Weather permitting, the puppies spend a good deal of supervised time playing outside with older dogs so that they learn appropriate pack behavior.  Our puppies travel in a crate in our vehicle at a young age to a vacation home on acreage on the Wenatchee River in Plain, Washington.  There they can often play outside in the sun for hours – leaning useful things like sparring  with each other, digging in the sand, and playing in a small pool.

All our dogs are a part of our family.  In addition to being “show dogs” they are our beloved family pets.  They sit on the couch to cheer on the Seahawks and Huskies  and they get to take turns sleeping on our beds.  Our puppies tend to be more expensive than some, primarily because of the sires we select, the stud fees charged, and the expenses of raising a show quality litter.  Many of our puppy owners have become good friends and some of them have gone on to very successful show careers, and some of them also breed beautiful Vizslas.