Our bitches and the dogs they are bred to have complete health screening before breeding and we breed to only the best sires.  The sires we select are those with correct conformation, excellent, gentle dispositions and good social behavior.  The bitches we are currently breeding have competed successfully in conformation at the National level, and are either AKC Champions or Grand Champions. All our dogs are a part of our family.  In addition to being “show dogs” they are our beloved pets.

Part of our breeding program is to screen and approve suitable homes for our puppies.  This is to ensure both a good home for our puppies as well as happy owners.  Vizslas require family interaction and need to live indoors, as they are very bonded to their owners.  Vizslas also require space to run and play and being an intelligent breed, they do best when engaged with mentally stimulating activities.  The Vizsla breed is not for everyone, so your honest and complete answers will help us discuss whether your home and lifestyle would be a good match for one of our puppies.  Here’s a link to a page on our local club’s website with some resources to help you decide if a Vizsla is the right dog for you.

If you want to inquire about a Vizsla puppy, please fill out the Kelby Creek Puppy Application (a fillable Word Document) found in the link below. Download the application, complete it and email it as an attachment to kelbycreek@nulloutlook.com.  Also, please read the contracts in the links below.  One of them is a Puppy Sales Agreement and one of them is a Puppy Co-Ownership Agreement.  These are sample contracts and some provisions in them are negotiable.   We often co-own puppies with owners to assist in showing them.


The puppy application is a fillable Word Document. Click on the link below and download the file on your computer.  Complete the form and send it as an attachment to kelbycreek@nulloutlook.com.

Kelby Creek Puppy Application


Kelby Creek Puppy Sales Agreement Sample

Kelby Creek Puppy Sales and Co-Ownership Agreement Sample


Kelby Creek is planning a litter for spring of 2023. Check back for details.


Puppy Litter Box instructions

Puppy Feeding and Care Instructions